Tender Coconut Water is the purest form of liquid
second only to water and considered as “fluid of life”

In the midst of tropical paradise, Nature’s Own Coco Sipp is hand-harvested by selecting fresh green
tender coconuts with all the natural goodness, packed in food grade and eco-friendly bottles in modern plant under hygienic conditions.

Did we mention there's also zero fat, no cholesterol, low calories, and no added colours or flavourings ! ! ! One of the reasons why coco sipp is recognised for its soothing, refreshing, straight-from-the-coconut taste.

Nutritional Facts (each 100ml. contains, approximate value only)

Convenience of Nature’s Own Coco Sipp

Coco Sipp comes in ergonomically designed bottles that are handy and convenient to carry around at Homes, Offices, Hospitals, Sports & Fitness Centres, Trekking, Outdoors, Leisure Centres, Schools & Universities, etc.

Coco Sipp relieves you from the hassles of carrying and ripping bulky tender coconuts and avoiding spillages by providing natural taste and whole some goodness in 250 ml eco-friendly bottles.

Wholesome Goodness of Nature’s Own Coco Sipp

  Tender coconut water has more nutrients than whole milk with fewer carbohydrates, no cholesterol,       zero fat and it's low in natural occurring sugar.

  Bursting out with Five naturally occurring electrolytes – Sodium, Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium and       Phosphorous.

  Revitalises better with less carbs and calories than a typical sports drink

  Rehydrates and replenishes the body and mind after a great night out or a hangover

  Tender coconut water works as a natural isotonic and helps replaces fluids and minerals lost during       strenuous physical activities

  Boosts your immune system naturally, detoxifies, increases metabolism and helps in weight loss

  Tender Coconut water improves circulation of bodily fluids and aids in cleansing the digestive tract

  A healthy drink for the entire family throughout the year

So go ahead and enjoy the freshest, purest, best tasting tender coconut water . . . Coco Sipp !!!!